Tutorial Schedule

I. Introduction to Crowdsourcing

Tutors : Ujwal Gadiraju and Gianluca Demartini
Duration : 45 mins

After a short overview of the tutorial learning objectives and schedule, we will introduce the area of crowdsourcing and discuss the following introductory topics.

1. Worker Participation: Altruistic vs Incentive-based Crowdsourcing
2. Paid Microtask Crowdsourcing: Challenges and Opportunities
3. Crowdsourcing for Web Science Research
4. Transition from the Lab to the Crowd

II. Quality Control Mechanisms

Tutors : Djellel Eddine Difallah and Ujwal Gadiraju
Duration : 45 mins

1. Aspects that Affect the Quality of Results
2. Typical Quality Control Measures
3. Influence of Task Types
4. Optimization
5. Selecting the Crowd We Need

III. Crowdsourcing: The A to Z of How

Tutors : Gianluca Demartini and Michele Catasta
Duration : 45 mins

1. Leveraging the Workforce
2. Aggregating Results
3. Considerations
4. Lifecycle of a Crowdsourcing Experiment

IV. Crowdsourcing Opportunities in Web Science Research

Tutors : Michele Catasta and Gianluca Demartini
Duration : 90 mins

1. Hybrid Human-Machine systems
2. A Holistic Human-computation Perspective
3. Future of Crowdsourcing in Web Science


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